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Key Person Protection.

Have you ever thought about the impact on your business if one of your most highly valued people suddenly pass away, is diagnosed with terminal illness or become unable to fulfil their role in the business for an extended period of time? All businesses depend on their people, but some key personnel may be uniquely valuable and their loss will impact the business financially. With Key Person Insurance, you can ensure your business continues operating with as little financial disruption as possible.

How does Key Person Insurance work?

As a business owner, your people are your most valuable asset. Key Person Insurance, also known as Key Man Insurance is designed to protect businesses in the event that a key person, such as partner or director, suffers a major injury, illness, or death.

Key Person Insurance can help your business to maintain cash flow and profitability in a time of uncertainty. Used by small and large companies, Key Person Insurance injects cash into the business and is often used to cover potential lost income, loss of key clients/contracts, and costs of replacing this uniquely skilled person.

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