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As Insurance Specialists, we only focus on Insurance. We do not offer other financial services including Superannuation and Tax Advice. That’s why Financial Planners, General Insurance Brokers, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers and Lawyers continue to refer their clients to us.

We understand the importance of networks and ongoing referrals. We foster a number of healthy, mutually beneficial relationships with a range of professional referrers. We refer clients to them, and they to us. In the end, everyone wins.

Last year, we received over 150 referrals from a range of professionals that trust us to complete a service offering for their clients.

As a professional referrer, you are welcome to attend our meetings with your referred client. This enables you to understand how we help your clients.

Many referral partners chose not to receive any financial reward for entrusting us with their clients and friends. We always endeavour to reciprocate. For other referral partners, we are happy to structure an agreement for fee sharing. This allows referrers to be remunerated for the time that they invest into a referral, which can grow the value of your business.

Discover how you can grow your business with Safeguard Life.

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